Dermalogica Advanced Skin Treatments

IonActive Power Treatment

The IonActive Power Treatment combines thermal activity and is super charged with advanced treatment room technology to optimise product penetration. The results ? ….. a dramatically improved skin condition. The Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment is an exciting new addition to the advanced treatments available from Sarah Murray Beauty.

The 4 IonActive products that the treatment features use cutting edge advanced ingredients.  They are designed to target specific skin concerns including:

  • Acne
  • Dehydration
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin Aging.

The treatment is completed with a choice of ExoThermal (heating) Gelloids and EndoThermal (cooling) Gelloids, which are perfectly paired with LED lights or massage modalities to seal the ingredients into the skin. This allows a deeper penetration of ingredients and retention in the skin. As a result the active is able to create a biological change to the skin resulting in longer term skin health benefits.

DermaCo Pro VX

Challenging skin conditions such as premature skin aging, acne and dehydration often need more intense, invasive treatments in order to show dramatic results.

  • 1 treatment – £70
  • courses of 3 – £189
  • course of 6 – £369

Power Up Treatment

Power Up your advanced facial by combining the BioSurface Peel and IonActive Power Treatment.  Enhance potency and penetration of ingredients.  It combines the latest treatment room technology, touch and treatment products.

This treatment will deliver intense, targeted results quickly.

  • 1 treatment – £85
  • Course of 3 – £229
  • Course of 6 – £433

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