Hands and Feet

Keep your hands and feet looking perfect with CND Vinylux or Essie polish manicures and pedicures.

For the longer lasting manicure and pedicure we offer CND Shellac or Gelish gel polish.  This will last you for at least 2 weeks, sometimes even longer if you treat them with care.  We have an extensive range of colours, glitters and foils for you to choose from.  You’re welcome to come in early for your appointment to browse if you struggle to make a decision.  (We all do!)

If your nails need a little extra strength and length we also offer CND Brisa Gel Nail Enhancements and The Gel Bottle Inc Enhancements.

Manicure & Pedicure

Please remember to bring flip flops or sandals to your pedicure appointment if you are having nail polish rather than Shellac.

Treatment Price
File and Polish manicure £21
Manicure (file, cuticle work, buff, polish) £27
File and Polish pedicure £22
Spa Pedicure (spa, scrub, file, cuticle work, hard skin, foot cream applied, polish) £35
Deluxe Spa Pedicure (spa, scrub, file, cuticle work, hard skin, foot and leg massage, mask, heated booties, polish) £40
Add Shellac to a Spa Pedicure or Deluxe Spa Pedicure for £5
Add removal of existing Shellac to a Spa Pedicure or Deluxe Spa Pedicure for £3

Shellac Nails

Treatment Price
Shellac hands or Shellac feet £29
Shellac removal & re-polish £32
Shellac removal & treat (oil and strengthener) £15
Shellac removal & manicure (file, cuticles, oil and strengthener) £27
Shellac nail repair £2.50

Gel Nail Enhancements

Treatment Price
Full set gel nail enhancements plain colour/french £55
Natural nail gel overlay plain colour/french £45
Gel nail maintenance (every 2-3 weeks) £35
Gel nail maintenance (over 4 weeks) £40
Single nail repair £5 (£2 per repair thereafter)
Gel nail removal and treat (oil and strengthener) £25
Gel nail removal with Shellac £35

Add on Nail Services

Please advise us at the time of booking if you would like to add nail art to your appointment. Only some of our nail technician’s specialise in nail art and extra time is required.

Treatment Price
Glitter, foil, basic nail art £0.50 per nail
Custom nail art £1.00 per nail
Add French polish to any Manicure, Pedicure, Shellac or Gel Enhancement £2.50

Book Your Treatment

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